Situated on the ground floor of a resort in Nusa Dua, Bali, this pool and beach-facing dining facility is the hotel main breakfast buffet venue that transition into a great lunch and evening snacks café. It servers all day a la carte breakfast and tapas style Chinese & Western dishes for lunch and dinner.
All Day Dining being the heart of a hotel resort, we seek to capture a vital theme to the Balinese culture onto the design. The traditional market is the heart to the Balinese lifestyle and culture. Taking inspiration of Pasar Sukawati, an Ubud famous market place, we look at iconic elements of the market place: the red brick “batu paras merah”, the grey sandstone “batu paras abu”, the beige limestone stone “batu palimanan” and the rattan baskets. We also look at the flower market where the flowers sold are often used to create “canang” that will then be presented as offerings to the gods as a sacred ritual the Balinese people practice on a daily basis.