This building was designed based on the idea that every human have their creative side. Creativity can be transformed into different output that can be perceive back to the audience in movement, hearing, seeing and feeling. The visitor will experience the Chicago model from the top view from the plaza and experience it on the same level as the human eye level, the location of the model enhances better chances of understanding and different ways to experience and learn about the exhibition. The pro-grams were divided into two parts where the learning center acts as the “brain” located on the top. Another function that acts as the output are located on the bottom part and known as the “hand” where all the making of a human is done by the work of the body. The design of the area was intended to give space and interaction between the visitors and the “art” that will be exhibited  in the space. A digital media wall located in the lobby perceives information and exhibit a curated exhibition from all around the world or visitor that it will give opportunity to showcase that everyone have the creative side in them.