With the innovation theme for Festival des Architectures Vives this year, we would like to explore the abstraction of innovation. To innovate is to come up with practical solutions to resolute the problems. Brainstorming phase where we observe and investigate the problems consists in the process of finding innovation. During the brain-storming we come up and explore the potential solutions based on the research. This process is not a linear or a circular one but rather like a web. It goes back and forth,   inside and outside the box. 
Like the brainstorming process, this installation encourages visitors to explore the problem and finding their own solutions. The hanging nylon webbings represent the problems which they can move and connect to any poles which represent the solutions. Like eureka moment, it lights up when you find the solution. The playfulness of this installation triggers visitors’  curiosity and creativity. Each of them finds inspirations within the installation and making their own innovation in creating their own space with endless possibilities.