A A / Z Z A H R A is a 3d printing jewelry designed by Amanda Azzahra. It is a collaboration of digital handcrafting and 3D printing technology. A A / Z Z A H R A focuses on creating elegant and timeless pieces. It experiments with shapes and forms to create wearable sculptures that combine line based geometry and organic silhouettes. The work is about creating connection with its wearer and merging it with modern sensibilities.
ANEMOI is a collection of rings inspired by the mysterious nature and the fluidity of the wind. It reimagines the calm a breeze and captures the chaos of a storm. Like the air in motion, the form of each piece flows through the fingers evoking a sentiment of sensing the wind.
The collection consists of 4 models that are printed in various materials. Each material creates different characteristics for the model and it gives abroad range of varieties.
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